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Home health A Panic Attack While Driving? Get Help Now!

A Panic Attack While Driving? Get Help Now!

A Panic Attack While Driving? Get Help Now!

Whenever people mention anxiety, various conditions and situations usually pops into mind. While many are aware of certain circumstances which can bring about anxiety like for instance speaking in front of a large audience, flying etc., people however, fail to remember that anxiety can also take place while you are on the road and driving. A lot of people like to think that driving anxiety or driving fear is rather easy to conquer and overcome, then again, there are a number of people who have difficulties stepping into the car and driving and/or traveling for long distances away from their comfort zone. They tend to become overly anxious and most often than not, will even go and panic!

In instances wherein you begin to feel upset or anxious, you tend to start taking short and shallow breathes. Such can trigger a host of physical symptoms which has the capacity to scare the wits out of you and thus, heighten your anxiousness further in the process. Lightheadedness or dizziness, tingling sensations, tightening of the chest, difficulty swallowing to name some are just a few of these said symptoms. Deep and controlled breathing is known to be extremely effective in helping people overcome anxiety as well as panic or anxiety attacks. The art or technique of deep and controlled breathing can immensely aid you to settle down and relax. And should you experience a panic attack while driving, settling down is something that you will truly need the most!

Such technique can work rather easily while you are onboard a car. If the anxiety that you feel is a bit mild, you can practice deep breathing as you go and drive. This will necessitate the use of a simple form of deep breathing which would only require you to start taking a couple of slow and deep breathes and focus more on your inhalation than your mind’s reaction towards driving.

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If on the other hand, you are having a full blown panic attack and having a really difficult time driving, deep and controlled breathing while inside the car can still be practiced and it will effectively help you cope with the situation. Pull the car over. Turn off the engine and begin breathing deeply and slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. Continue doing so until you find yourself gradually becoming calm, collected and composed. You can do this over and over again as much as necessary over the entire duration of the trip.

For a more thorough understanding of the power of this technique and ways on how you can properly administer it, grab a copy of the book called The Driving Fear Program by Rich Presta. This is a complete guide filled with tons of tips and strategies on how you can ease away your driving anxiety.

source : What You Need to Know If You Have Panic Attacks While Driving


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