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Hair Plugs For Women Offer Some Help

Hair Plugs For Women Offer Some Help

For over 50 years hair plugs for men (also known as hair implants, hair grafts and hair transplants) have been utilized efficiently to treat baldness and hair loss. Initially the first results were not so good because plastic surgeons needed to learn how to implant the hair follicles in a manner that seemed natural, but currently the outcome is great. Commonly, when a man gets hair plugs, it is virtually impossible to depict that his hair is anything other than natural.

This change in the results is most often due to improvements in the surgical hair restoration procedure. Specifically, the hair restoration surgeon can now manipulate each hair unit using a specially designed medical tool instead of extracting a portion of the scalp which was how the technique was carried out earlier.

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So why are hair plugs for women hardly used yet hair plug treatment has advanced so far? The answer is quite simple and has to do with how the disease that causes hair loss usually occurs. Androgenic Alopecia is a genetic condition which is the most likely cause of hair loss in men and women.

When a male suffers from this condition he will often experience loss of hair at the front of the head and on the vertex but seldom will a man lose his hair at the posterior of the head. This means there is a good area to be utilized for donor follicles which can be implanted into the bald spot on a man and thus, hair plug therapy for men is a great success.

On the contrary, women generally do not see patchiness when it comes to hair loss. Alternatively, they will more likely experience hair thinning throughout the scalp which does not leave a good area for harvesting hair follicles for implantation. If any hair is removed from a portion of the scalp it is very evident. Some hair restoration physicians were able to move body hairs onto a woman’s head but this only works as a filler far from the hairline. The body hairs are not the same structure as the hair on the scalp hence they protrude if used to create the hairline again. These body hairs will fill in very well though and can be quite useful as a way to make it look as if the women have more normal hair than she actually does.

source : Women’s Hair Loss and Hair Restoration


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